Be Bold, Be Digitial

Stephanie Beaumont

By Muhammad Ali, Lead Consultant at zefa.

To be bold in the digital age means to take risks and be willing to try new things. It means being open to innovation and being willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Being digital means using technology to your advantage, whether that’s through social media, digital marketing, or online collaboration tools.

Agility, flexibility, adaptability. These three characteristics have taken centre stage as the qualities needed for business to remain competitive.

Time and time again, innovative use of digital technology has allowed creators to be creative with their business models and disrupt the market to their advantage: Airbnb & Uber to name but a few.

However, research shows that many organisations are only operating at a small fraction of their digital potential. At the same time, research has shown that over 50% of IT decision-makers believe they’re not transforming at the speed employees and managers expect.

Whats Wrong?

Established multi-nationals often have the resources needed for digital transformation but sometimes lack the ability to make it happen quickly and suffer from internal resistance to change because of scale. Start-ups might have the brightest data scientists, the coolest workspace and limitless enthusiasm, but they often lack the ability to create impact at scale.

Executing digital change can be problematic for all organisations, but there are few things can greatly increase your chance of success:

An ambitious Leadership Team

Digital transformation needs to be led from the very top of an organisation.

The ambition needs to be bold and strategic and the implementation needs to be driven by agile-enabled interdisciplinary teams, that combine the necessary design, data engineering, analytics, workflow, integration, UX & visualisation skills, paired with function & domain expertise empowered with the appropriate authority of the CXO’s of the impacted business units to deliver against the digital strategy.

Develop a clear Strategy

A well-defined digital strategy is crucial for success in digital change. It should outline the goals and objectives of the change initiative and how it will be implemented.

Embrace a digital Culture

Success in digital change requires a shift in organizational culture. Embracing a digital culture means being open to new ideas, collaboration, and experimentation.

Invest in digital Talent

Hiring and training skilled digital professionals is crucial for success in digital change. Organizations should invest in developing their employees’ digital skills to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Final thoughts

Change implies unpredictability, complexity and risk that could hold the potential for disruption, so it’s natural for the operational and tactical levels within businesses to have an aversion to it. However, in today’s world, businesses must go digital to stay ahead of the technology game and competitors.

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