Why Technology Recruitment is a Great Career


Working in recruitment is rewarding, challenging and competitive. And working in the Technology sector is even more so – it’s an ever-changing sector with fantastic opportunities for recruiters who can adapt with the times and technologies.

I’ve interviewed 100’s of recruiters over the years and many say, including me, they fell into recruitment, but I can honestly say that the varied workload and rewards you can reap from a career in Technology recruitment made me realise I made the right choice.

Here are seven reasons why working in Technology recruitment may be the best next step in your career.

1) Great development opportunities & career progression

Comprehensive training and opportunities to learn from colleagues at your desk help you grow and develop your skills – not just when you’re first starting out, but throughout your career. Couple these skills with hard work and you’ll be on the fast track for results, recognition and progression. With dedication and the right attitude, Technology recruitment is a profession where you can progress quickly. More so now than ever as the Technology Market is so buoyant.

2) Freedom and support to be an entrepreneur

Running a recruitment desk, whether this is from home or in the office, is like running your own business. Once you’re fully trained and have all the skills to succeed, you can run your own client and candidate base. You can make your own success and, at the same time, share in the success of the recruitment agency as a whole. It’s a great balance of taking control of your desk at the same time as having the support of a wider business.

Now more than ever, while adapting to this new way of working and living, we have the flexibility to better manage our work-life balance. This allows you, as a recruiter, to fit your recruitment desk around your lifestyle and earn more.

3) Uncapped earning potential

No matter your base salary, commission structures mean you have an amazing earning potential. With no commission cap, you can reap the rewards of all your success and hard work.

4) You can have a positive impact on people’s lives

It’s not all about the money. The impact you can have is extremely rewarding. Whether it is finding someone their dream job or helping a client hire the perfect person to grow their business, recruiters have a huge impact on people’s lives. I still get the same buzz of excitement placing someone in a job now as I did when I began my recruitment career.

5) Recruitment tools are continually evolving

Technology has revolutionised the world of recruitment. Tools like LinkedIn have made it easier to be more proactive and find the best candidates for your clients. It’s one of my best performing platforms to fill jobs and there are always new techniques to learn. Digital platforms are making it much easier to make initial contact before talking to people and building relationships.

The increased use of platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to host meetings in a remote working environment also makes it easier than ever before to connect with clients. At zefa, we have massively invested in our technology in the past few years, giving our team access to the best tools in the market which also allow them to successfully work flexibly.

Why waste time working at a company who don’t give you the tools to succeed in your job?

6) You can be innovative

Whilst there are some formulaic aspects to recruitment, the most successful people in the industry think outside of the box. Innovative thinking helps you stand out from your competitors, gives you access to the best candidates and in turn provides a better service to the client.

The best thing about working at zefa, for me, is that no idea is a bad idea. We embrace different ways of working & investing in new tools to help our teams succeed.

7) Competition is exciting

You are constantly competing in the recruitment industry. Whether it’s with competitors to fill the client’s job, or between your colleagues for the recognition of being the best – it’s easy to get a kick out of the competition. Friendly competition certainly keeps me motivated and makes me strive to do the best job I can. If you are looking to build a career with a fast track to success, like interacting with people and don’t mind friendly competition, then Technology recruitment at zefa is the career choice for you.

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