Why Choose a 12-Month DevOps Contract role?


Are you a skilled DevOps professional seeking your next career challenge? We have a number of 12-month DevOps contract opportunities.

Why These Contracts?

In these 12-month DevOps contracts, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into projects that require mastery of AWS, Terraform, and a variety of different technologies and cloud platforms across multiple positions including Azure, Kubernetes, Linux, Snowflake, and Ansible. You’ll join a team that values your skills and the contributions you’ll make, as you tackle exciting challenges and build your expertise. The company drives and implements digital strategies that allows their clients to innovate, transform and futureproof their business – and you will be a part of a diverse team of technology specialists, with a hands-on approach, delivering sustainable digital innovation across system, process, and people.

Continuous Learning

We understand that your career is a dynamic journey. That’s why we encourage continuous learning and growth. During your contract, you’ll gain invaluable experience and further enhance your proficiency of cutting-edge technologies. The projects you’ll be part of are designed to challenge and elevate your skill set, making you an even more sought-after DevOps professional.

Building a Bright Future

Choosing a 12-month contract isn’t just a short-term commitment. It’s the beginning of a journey that could lead to long-term opportunities. Many of our contract-based professionals have transitioned to permanent roles as they demonstrate their capabilities.

Flexibility and Balance

We understand the importance of work-life balance. These contract roles often come with flexible arrangements, allowing you to maintain a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

Connect and Grow

Beyond the projects, you’ll have the chance to connect with other DevOps professionals and build your network. The relationships you forge during your contracts can open doors to exciting opportunities in the future.

Embark on a 12-month DevOps contract that promises growth, learning, and a clear path to an even brighter future. Apply today