Meet The zefa Team: Ryan Page, Principal Consultant

Stephanie Beaumont

Tell me about your career journey so far?
I have 4 years’ experience in DevOps and Cloud talent acquisition. I spent 2 years engaging with AWS DevOps Engineers and AWS customers in the Republic of Ireland. The other 2 years were dedicated to working with Cloud and DevOps Engineers and Cloud customers across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Why did you join zefa?
To do what I do best – find the top 10% of DevOps and Cloud professionals and match them with the most exciting projects our customers are delivering across the Netherlands and Belgium. Zefa’s unique selling point is the sole focus of Cloud and DevOps throughout the EU, this allows me to solely focus on and specialise in my core background… the DevOps and Cloud market.

What’s your job and specialist sectors at zefa?
My job is Principal Consultant and I source and engage with the top DevOps and Cloud professionals across Europe. I am constantly engaging in the Cloud and DevOps market with Face to Face and online events about the latest hot topics and technologies.

I work closely with my clients to help them understand different market trends and analysis. I also constantly stay in touch with my DevOps talent pool and notify them of the new Cloud and DevOps projects are customers are delivering to see if they want to utilise their skills on different projects.

What kind of roles are you working on at the moment?
Cloud Project Manager, Infrastructure Project Manager, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, DevSecOps Engineer, Cloud Security Architect

What’s the best thing about working at zefa or what gives you job satisfaction?
We have an amazing team – everyone in the zefa team have a sole focus on Cloud and DevOps and a real passion for Technology. This allows us to create a unique bond to accelerate our growth and excel our knowledge quickly.

As we engage with DevOps professionals daily, the ability to instantly recommend Engineers to a colleaguee for their customer’s project is a great feeling. This allows us to have an incredible turnaround time.

Tell me about how you help clients/ candidates?
I initially screen candidates, qualifying their most recent project and see what they want to achieve next. This allows me to match them up to the best project we have.

As I read many news articles and keep up to date with the acceleration of Cloud and DevOps within the Netherlands and Belgium, this allows me to develop business at Zefa… quite quickly. The DevOps market is going to double between now and 2026, so our unique database of DevOps and Cloud professionals allows our customers to have constant access to the best talent on the market.

I am always speaking to my clients about the talent we have on the market looking for new positions, this allows me to create unique bonds between my customers and the DevOps professionals I engage with.

Please contact Ryan if you are looking for new talent or if you are a Cloud or DevOps professional looking for a new challenge – [email protected]

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